Our enologist

Patxi Moriones, nuestro enólogo

There are certain people who, although not related to you by blood, you look on as a member of your family. After many years working side-by-side, based on a foundation of mutual trust, to us, Patxi Moriones is one of those people.

He is a Technical Agricultural Engineer, having graduated from the Navarra Public University, and holds an Enologist degree from Logroño’s Wine school.

He has been a member of the Enologist’s Association In La Rioja since 1990.

Patxi was born into a family of oenology and viticulture technicians in Navarra, and, as such, he has been surrounded by the art of wine-making throughout his life. In addition, he is one of the region’s leading oenologists in terms of his knowledge of managing and cultivating the Garnacha grape, with which he has been working for years.

He is the technical director of our winery. Through passion and dedication to his craft, he creates our finest and most elegant wines wines but more than that, he is a part of our family.