The Winery

Our D.O. Navarra Winery is located in Cáseda, a historic town on the banks of the Aragón river in the Baja Montaña area of Navarra’s central region. It is one of those Wineries where not a single detail has been overlooked, where care is taken about everything.

  The building was constructed in 1951 and combines the most traditional features with new oenological technology. All its tanks are concrete, excellent for winemaking and preserving the fruit and the freshness of our wines at their best.

Our aging room is home to French, American and Navarrese oak barrels, which give us elegant, perfectly assembled and balanced wines which combine the fruity aromas and virtues of the Garnacha and Graciano varieties with the delicate touch of the barrels where they rest.


Our vineyards, our land, are the essence of our wines. Located in the Navarrese localities of Artajona and Lerga, they are the ideal place for the cultivation of our Garnacha vines.


Altitude at a unique site influenced by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic climates. Each brings its own characteristics to vegetative development and favours a slow, balanced ripening process.

As our forebears once did in these same fields, we grow Garnacha and Graciano grapes with loving care, dedication and affection; the traditional, sustainable way, maintaining the natural balance of the soil and only using organic fertilisers.

The soil at our vineyards brings personality to the wines thanks to the balance between clay, sand, gravel and limestone; ideal soil for growing grapes, both rugged and obliging. One of those soils which means you have to fight for the vines and that lends them a unique character.


There are people who, while not sharing your same blood, end up being like part of the family. After many years working together, years of mutual trust, Patxi Moriones is for us one of those people.

With a Technical Agricultural Engineering degree from the Public University of Navarra, a Master’s in Oenology from the University of La Rioja and a career spanning more than 25 years, he is now one of the most prestigious professionals in Navarra. He has been a member of the Wine-tasting Panel of the Community of Navarra since its creation in 2007.

Patxi was born into a family of Navarrese oenologists and winemakers, meaning that he has always been surrounded by the art of wine. He is also an oenologist from the area most familiar with the handling and processing of the Garnacha variety, which he has worked with for years.

He is in charge of the technical side at our winery, the man whose passion and dedication goes to create our fine, elegant wines; but above all, he is one of the family.